Top Social Media Influencer Postings

Celebrity Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Central Entertainment Group (CEG) is the industry leader in pop culture and social media marketing. In a society that expects instant results and high turnovers, this fast-paced form of advertising allows for maximum exposure through our roster’s top brand influencers.

Traditional media is tired and saturated, but we hold the recipe for success. Communicating with brands and influencers directly helps increase traffic to products and sales with promotion through multiple platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. As a result, we are the leading supplier of celebrity influencers for E-commerce, providing effective talent to companies seeking expansion of audiences for their key market demographics.

With talent that ranges from stars and cast members of reality TV, such as The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars, to crossover stars such as Kristian Nairn (Actor on Game of Thrones turned DJ), we have found a way to connect our talent pool with a plethora of companies seeking celebrity influencer services. With the use of these Influencers, companies have found a new source of traffic to their products and, as a result, sales — the key to any successful business. Our social media roster has a combined reach of over 200 million targeted social media users.

With over 30 years of experience, Central Entertainment Group (CEG)  designs and develops customized campaigns for brands utilizing our celebrity influencers. Every company has a different goal and budget in mind, and typical involvement can range anywhere from a single Instagram post to an in-depth multi-platform partnership. CEG is not a broker, we directly represent celebrity talent which allows us to seamlessly manage the entire process from fee negotiations to execution of posting. CEG’s brand managers’ experience ensures that brands get maximum impact on their campaigns.

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