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SNL Parodies “Floribama Shore”

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SNL gets in on the Floribama action

The December 2nd show of SNL premiered a short that parodied MTV’s new series, Floribama Shore.

The “cast” included Heidi Gardner, Chris Redd, Luke Null, Mikey Day, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett and Saoirse Ronan. Much like the MTV version, the housemates party-hard during Hurricane Irma that hit the Florida panhandle earlier this year.

Portraying some of the actual cast members, the actors are hooking-up with housemates, getting into fights, and drinking, but this version has a surprise twist ending.

Although Floribama has only been on-air for 3 weeks, it has caused enough of a conversation to have SNL pick up on it and create a whole segment around it. The new series is making a statement on the reality TV spectrum.

Check out the segment here.