About Us

Central Entertainment Group

Central Entertainment Group (CEG) is a full service boutique pop culture agency headquartered in New York City’s legendary Times Square. Established in 1998, Central Entertainment Group represents some of the biggest and brightest names in music, television, film, and entertainment. Our roster boasts artists and bands, deejays, rappers, and celebrities spanning the large range of genres available in today’s competitive market. CEG also provides each talent with one-stop comprehensive entertainment consultation to ensure a successful career in show business for years to come.


Central Entertainment Group specializes in Celebrity Influencer Marketing and booking talent for tours and one-off special events both domestically and internationally. We provide talent for a wide array of clients in concerts, night clubs, theaters, casinos, fairs, festivals, and expos, as well as corporate and private events worldwide. CEG books over one thousand shows a year and commits their full resources to each production, ensuring fantastic results for the talent, the venue, and most importantly for all fans and spectators in attendance. Central Entertainment Group aims to provide top notch agency services to today’s hottest talent and all those inquiring.


CEG books thousands of social media marketing campaigns, as well as hundreds of live events and personal appearances a year. We commit our full resources to each production and marketing campaign, and as a result, deliver fantastic results for the talent and brands. Central Entertainment Group also provides top notch agency services to today’s hottest talent, and customized social media marketing campaigns to a wide variety of household brands. 

What We Provide

CEG has been instrumental in producing and managing international and domestic events from live musical tours to one-off special events. We provide talent for all types of venues, from private and corporate events to sold out stadium concerts, and everything in between. CEG offers a full range of services and is creating new and innovative divisions in the following areas:

  • New Media & Marketing
  • Digital Branding and Search Engine Optimization
  • Sponsorship and Corporate Packaging
  • Television and Film Packaging & Production
  • Interactive CEG web store, to include music downloads, ticketing solutions, talent merchandise, etc.

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