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Craig Conover’s life has seen a lot of changes this past year. This former college playboy has since met his one true love and settled down with her in a small community in Mount Pleasant, SC. Craig went from a career bachelor to setting his sights on starting a family with a girl that convinces him “he’s not that cool” every day. While he is enjoying being humbled in his social life, that is the furthest from what he could be in his professional life. After having to move home last year for financial reasons, he has recently began investing and developing business plans with JD Madison, while also finally getting his affairs in order with law school. While it did not look like anything was going to come out of a law career for Craig in the near future, he is now dedicating the time necessary in order to be allowed to take the Bar Exam in the next couple of months. With his priorities re-aligned, Craig is excited to see where the seemingly endless possibilities that lie in front of him turn out.

Craig Conover graduated from Indian River High School in 2006 and grew up in Dagsboro, Delaware. He recently graduated from the Charleston School of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree with a bachelor’s in business from the College of Charleston, and worked as a law clerk to the personal injury firm Anastopoulo Law Firm. His little brother Christopher has a very positive influence in Craig’s life and is currently receiving his master’s degree in business in Baltimore, MD.

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