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Amy King, formerly Amy Duggar, was featured on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting along with her now-husband Dillon King. Here is their story:

Ok ladies, you all know the type of guy who tries to compliment you, get your attention, get your number, Right… well this is not that kind of love story. This love story all started with an insult! 

Amy was going  downtown to meet a friend and this guy was like “Hi I’m DIllon, I guess we are friends with the same group of people. I just have to ask…what are you wearing?” (In Amy’s defense it was when ruffles were making a comeback!) Dillon gave Amy such a hard time about that shirt that they laughed and talked all night!  Amy thought “well … If he’s going to be that honest with me I might as well keep him around”. Neither Amy nor Dillon ever had feelings for one another, or any intentions of dating…Ever! Dillon was always just the comedian of the group, Dillon and Amy talked on the phone like 10 times a day (as if that wasn’t a sign) they told each other everything and they quickly became best friends. They were known as Dill and Duggs, Dillon did his own thing, told everyone he was probably never going to settle down till he was 35! While Amy dated a bunch of frogs and thought she was going to swear off men all together. Amy hated dating all together and one of her biggest flaws is that she cared too much; Amy tried to hard to make something work. Amy learned “You can’t fix men, and love is just something you can’t force.”

Everything was fine in the best friend world for 6 years straight until one bonfire night. Amy didn’t know if it was the moonlight or just plain time for her to open her eyes but Dillon was so cute! Dillon kind of had an Eric Church thing going on.  Their friend group were all hanging out that night and Dillon brought a date. Amy didn’t know what is was… (Most of the time she likes everybody) but she had a problem with Dillon’s date and she was a complete stranger!  Was she jealous? What the heck was happening? Amy didn’t like Dillon’s date’s hair; her laugh, her clothes and Amy hated how she was holding Dillon’s hand… And this strange feeling for Amy and she wanted to be the girl flirting with him, what?

The next weekend Amy needed a girl’s night to get her mind off the camping trip. Amy told one of her best friends ” girl we have a problem, I think I kind of sort of like Dillon, her response… “‘Amy no! That’s impossible we are going get through this.” A few more weeks had passed and Amy tried to get it so far out of her mind as possible, but there was still something there. Amy wasn’t the only one amy-duggar-engagement-portraits-001who felt something because they dated shortly after! You know that saying that a relationship is fragile, like Glass? Well they didn’t get that memo.  

Amy and Dillon both had a hard time going from friends to an actual relationship and without communication they shortly cracked the glass and it all broke into a million pieces after only two short months. The worst thing about the breakup was that they ruined their friendship and it was the worst feeling for both. Amy thought Dillon didn’t care, and that his heart wasn’t in it at all. So Amy quickly moved on or at least she tried to. Amy dated someone else who promised her the entire world, only to find out words didn’t match up with actions. Meanwhile Amy still missed her best friend, she missed everything about Dillon. Now, being a single girl and always having options Amy had too many to count, but was sick of the dating game. Amy didn’t want another gym rat lying to her face; she wanted something real. Halloween 2014 was a huge night for Amy, as she was driving home Amy remember feeling so confused, “I felt all alone”. Amy got out of the car and “I stared at the stars, I thought if God can make the night sky He surely knows my heart, He can surely hear me tonight”. So Amy prayed out loud, “I’m Sure if my neighbors would have walked out they would have thought I was completely crazy” As tears were rolling down her face Amy prayed that God would show her the right direction for her life and that God would lead Amy to the right man who would lead her spiritually, someone who wouldn’t play games and someone who desired a Godly marriage. That prayer changed Amy’s life. Within a week Amy immediately lost interest in the guys contacting her and she saw them for who they truly were. Amy couldn’t believe it, but God actually answered her Prayer

Dillon and Amy were apart for 6 months and during that time he didn’t date anyone, he didn’t even want to! The whole time Amy thought he didn’t care about her he was just being patient for her to realize whom she belonged with. Dillon and Amy met at Amy’s grandma’s office one night and talked for hours…they finally realized they were ready to be together. Dillon and Amy dated 8 months and during the time they were focused and worked hard at putting the Lord as their main focus, communicating and setting boundaries. When Dillon proposed Amy about fell over. Now Dillon and Amy are best friends for a lifetime!

“Just trust me, Let God be your matchmaker” – Amy

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